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The 8 Best Types of Epoxy Flooring

The 8 Best Types of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a synthetic resin floor setting deployed on concrete surfaces as decoration and protection. It is among the best flooring for commercial and residential purposes because of its several options. Most of its options can work for numerous spaces, but each type of epoxy floor has its pros and cons for different room designs. This article discusses the best types of epoxy flooring for your spaces.

Why Should You Install An Epoxy Floor?

Most people may ask themselves why they need an epoxy floor. Having fixed several epoxy floors, we have learned that different types of epoxy flooring have multiple benefits for your space. Epoxy usually establishes a nearly indestructible surface because it is a natural sealant. Therefore, it prevents chemicals, oil, water, and other contaminants from passing through it. It is also best to consider an epoxy floor type because of its durability.

The aesthetic factor of the various types of epoxy flooring is their outstanding benefit, which makes most people go for it. However, it is more appealing to the eye than a dull concrete floor, which may crack. An epoxy floor prevents the concrete floor from further cracking.

The Best Types of Epoxy Flooring

Here are the eight best types of epoxy flooring:

  1. Vinyl Flake Epoxy

Flake flooring is an effective floor coating option in Colorado. Most clients prefer it to improve the durability and traction of their garage floors. Our experts do vinyl flake epoxy by adding vinyl flakes to a well-prepared tinctured polyaspartic base coat to establish a unique finish. They then seal the floor using a clear, high-solid polyaspartic for a shiny finish. The result is a non-slip epoxy floor with several benefits. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about our vinyl flake epoxy floor and other types of epoxy flooring.

  1. Metallic Epoxy

We have a metallic epoxy coating that creates a brilliant finish on existing concrete surfaces. Metallic epoxy is a 100% solid coating engineered with fusible additives to develop a dynamic color-changing characteristic. Clients seeking metallic epoxy will have their floors transformed into a significant surface with an exceptional finish. A metallic epoxy floor is great for basements, patios, kitchens, and garages. We’ve installed epoxy floors in several establishments, including commercial places like schools and fire stations. Metallic epoxy is known to be better than other types of epoxy flooring.

  1. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is among the special types of epoxy flooring that improve the resilience and longevity of your spaces while maintaining the concrete’s feel and industrial look. When we polish the concrete floors, they become smooth, sealed surfaces, eliminating staining and airborne silica dust. Many clients from Northern Colorado choose to add polished concrete floors to their patios, garages, and kitchens. The polyaspartic coatings add additional protection from staining.

  1. Concrete Seal

Colorado is characterized by a freeze-thaw cycle, which may quickly ruin a decorative concrete finish. Warm temperatures during the day and freezing temperatures at night cause substantial expansion and contraction of the concrete floors, leading to spalling, pop-outs, and scaling. We can protect your concrete floor from these harsh conditions using a Pavix penetrating sealer. Your floor will be protected from moisture and strengthened to overcome the weather conditions in Colorado. You can also add a concrete seal to outdoor spaces such as walkways, pools, patios, and backyard fire pits.

  1. Polyaspartic Flooring

Polyaspartic flooring is becoming popular among Colorado residents. Industries and other commercial enterprises have used this epoxy flooring for a significant period; it has also proven to be a powerful solution for basements and garages. Therefore, if you want to establish a long-lasting and durable floor for your commercial space, consider using polyaspartic flooring.

Unlike other types of epoxy flooring, polyaspartic has more durable coatings, making it a premium flooring solution for your needs. We are among the few professionals installing polyaspartic flooring in Colorado Springs and Northern Colorado.

  1. Urethane Cement

Urethane cement is our “bulletproof system,” the only floor coating solution for your floor needs. Trusted in commercial kitchens, warehouses, and NoCo breweries, urethane cement is a tough-build system with significant hydrostatic pressure and vapor transmission tolerance. We can install tile, concrete, and plywood using urethane cement. Get in touch with us today for more information.

  1. Secondary Containment

Secondary containment systems are necessary for facilities that may require potentially hazardous chemicals. We can combine multiple epoxy settings and Novolac epoxy to ensure you meet your floors’ compliance requirements. You also require secondary containment if you deal with damaging chemicals in your residential spaces.

  1. Quartz Double Broadcast

Some facilities in Northern Colorado may require a high coefficient to increase friction, preventing slipping and falling. Because of its toughness, double-broadcast quartz is essential in such facilities. It is a significant coat of multiple epoxies, including polyaspartic coating. Double-broadcast quartz is resistant to chemicals, bacteria, and acid; it is, therefore, a powerful epoxy flooring solution for commercial areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which epoxy is best for flooring?

The best floor coating is determined by the conditions it will experience and how you will use the surface. One coat of epoxy flooring can work better for interior surfaces that experience less moisture and have few uses. The best types of epoxy flooring for garage and outdoor spaces are metallic epoxy and other two-coating epoxies.

What is better, epoxy or polyaspartic?

Epoxy coatings are known for their shiny new look. They are less expensive than polyaspartic finishes and are more durable. Epoxy coatings have excellent adhesion and are available in numerous colors. Polyaspartic coatings are temperature-resistant, durable, stain-resistant, and first-cured.

If you want the best types of epoxy flooring systems for commercial or industrial spaces, you can choose polyaspartic coating, but an epoxy coating would be ideal when you want a shinier surface. If you need help determining which coating is ideal, contact us today to receive a consultation from our experts.

Where can epoxy flooring be used?

Epoxy flooring is a widely known form of establishing resilient and durable floors for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. It is used to create floors in home spaces, and its continued use is due to its benefits. We use special additives such as UV inhibitors, adhesion promoters, flow control agents, and accelerators to achieve the desired result. These additives are critical for curing epoxy floors, increasing chemical and abrasion resistance.

How long will it take to install epoxy flooring?

To determine how long the various types of epoxy flooring will take, you must first acquire all the necessary floorings. If your concrete surface requires heavy prep, much patching, and building thickness to hide imperfections, epoxy flooring will take longer. The section size to be covered is also a vital determinant of the time taken. However, most types of epoxy flooring typically take two to three days to be installed.

Epoxy floors take the most time to install because they require a primer, an epoxy top coat, diamond grinding preparation, an epoxy mortar coat, and an epoxy grout coat. It can last five to six days, but some products and options can speed up the installation process. Fast-curing epoxy hardeners can cure high-build coats and primers in four to five hours.

Bottom Line

Epoxy floors are a sustainable, customizable, high-impact resistant, and versatile solution for all your flooring needs. Therefore, whether you want a solid floor for your commercial or industrial spaces or a charming floor for your restaurant or home, you can find the ideal choice by assessing the different epoxy floors. If you want to establish epoxy floors for your industrial or residential spaces, visit our website today. We have unique products and service professionals who can give an exclusive look to an ordinary floor. We have a reputation for offering quality services to our clients.

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