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Residential, commercial, and industrial concrete coatings for any area.

Over a Decade Of Concrete Coatings

A concrete coating is a way to protect the concrete from salt and other contaminants. When you coat your concrete, the results are long-lasting.

The best time to coat your concrete is during construction. It’s important that you get a coating on the concrete. Protection from environmental contaminants; the better appearance of the surface; and a more attractive surface for walking on or sitting on.


Successfully Project Finished.


Years of experience


Coatings that will last 15+ years


4-step installation process.

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Concrete Floor Coatings

If you`re seeking out long-lasting concrete coatings to be able to resist salt publicity from the climate and at the same time be UV resistant for the sizzling summertime season months, call us today.

We offer concrete polyaspartic floor coatings which are 5X more durable than epoxy and our flooring is installed in only one day. We provide a lifetime warranty on our concrete polyaspartic floor coatings.

Call us today for an obligation-free quote! Let us restore and renew your concrete flooring today.​


Your garage was made for more than being an unfinished, dirty parking space

You don’t have to welcome germs and grime from the street and your vehicles into your home

Concrete coating is guaranteed to last.

Whether you’re investing in concrete flooring for your garage, pool deck, or outdoor deck, you need something that’s high quality and durable.

That’s why we offer polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings combined with vinyl chip blends in an infinite number of color combinations. Strength, durability, and design should never be compromised.

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Lion Coatings is a Leading Epoxy Company In MD, DC, VA & PA

At Lion Coatings, we understand the importance of maximizing the potential of your garage, basement, and patios. Unfortunately, concrete floors can be dirty, damaged, and in need of costly repairs, making these areas unappealing.

Our goal is to make these spaces valuable and functional parts of your home. We use our extensive experience in restoration and construction to prevent concrete damage and enhance the comfort and appearance of your concrete floors.

We achieve this by applying a durable industrial-grade coating that will last for over 15 years, provide a beautiful finish, and feel soft underfoot. To turn your unfinished spaces into your favorite rooms, request a quote now and choose from our numerous color options. Investing in protecting your concrete floors will save you thousands of dollars in future repairs and make your entire house feel like home.

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What Our Clients Say


Cary Martin

Lion coatings did a wonderful job installing an epoxy floor in our garage. It looks stunning. They will be returning, back, and installing a terrace epoxy floor next spring.

Nathan Marshall

Family-owned and operated with tremendous care and admiration for his or her work. I`m so satisfied I selected those folks.

Ema Romero

They did the storage at our vintage residence and took a specific flip via way of means of additional coating on the front porch.

Ann Smith

Lion Coatings did a great job! They are very committed to ensuring the patron is very satisfied. I LOVE my new epoxy floor!

First comes the quotation, and also comes the coating!

Our process is veritably straightforward. After requesting a quotation, we handle just about everything differently.


Request a Quote and Select Your Coating

After requesting a quote, a team member will visit your place to learn more about your coating and schedule a service to appointment


Remove everything from the space

Prior to installation, remove all heavy items from the space and store them in weatherproof and secure mobile storage cabinets. Lockers are on-site and easily accessible if you need anything.



Next, a team of experienced technicians installs the new concrete coating. Installs in just one day and protects surfaces from wear and tear for 15 years. Our team of experienced licensed installers does this


Final Closet Inspection and Unpacking

The next morning, once your coat has hardened, we’ll check your final coat again, make sure you’re happy and return the contents of your room from your close

Having dirty and damaged concrete floors not only poses a risk to your home but also results in wasted square footage.

If concrete stains are left exposed, they can attract dirt and eventually result in expensive repairs. The great news is that you can skip all the mentioned issues and instead explore an underutilized area of your home while also discovering why Lion Coating is Maryland’s top choice for concrete flooring.

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